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CAS 90357-06-5 Prostate Cancer Treatment Steroids USP 36 Bicalutamide - Casodex

CAS 90357-06-5 Prostate Cancer Treatment Steroids USP 36 Bicalutamide - Casodex

    • CAS 90357-06-5 Prostate Cancer Treatment Steroids USP 36 Bicalutamide - Casodex
    • CAS 90357-06-5 Prostate Cancer Treatment Steroids USP 36 Bicalutamide - Casodex
  • CAS 90357-06-5 Prostate Cancer Treatment Steroids USP 36 Bicalutamide - Casodex

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    Place of Origin: China
    ब्रांड नाम: Sendi
    प्रमाणन: SGS,ISO9001
    Model Number: Bicalutamide

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    Name: Bicalutamide CAS: 90357-06-5
    Molecular Formula: C18H14F4N2O4S Description: White powder
    MW: 434.46 Assay: 99%
    Applications: Pharmaceutical raw materials Function: Hormone-refractory prostate cancer



    CAS 90357-06-5 Prostate Cancer Treatment Steroids USP 36 Bicalutamide - Casodex




    Name Bicalutamide
    Other name Casodex;N-[4-Cyano-3-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]-3-(4-fluorophenyl)sulfonyl-2-hydroxy-2-methyl-propanamide
    Application:With luteinising-hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH) analogues or surgical orchiectomy combined applied in the treatment of advanced prostate cancer.
    CAS 90357-06-5
    MF C18H14F4N2O4S
    Molecular Weight 430.37
    Appearance white powder
    Use Objective To evaluate the efficacy of bicalutamid ( casodex) in the treatment of hormone-refractory prostate cancer

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    1kg/Aluminum foil bag
    1kg/ Aluminium Tin
    25kg/ Aluminum Drum

    Delivery Time:Usually within 2 working days after confirming the payment.

    Shipping details: DHL; TNT; UPS or EMS


    Product Description

    Bicalutamid has a molecular weight of 430.37. The pKa' is approximately 12. Bicalutamid is a fine white to off white powder which is practically insoluble in water at 37°C (5 mg per 1000 mL), slightly soluble in chloroform and absolute ethanol, sparingly soluble in methanol, and soluble in acetone and tetrahydrofuran.CASODEX (bicalutamid) is a racemate with its antiandrogenic activity being almost exclusively exhibited by the R-enantiomer of bicalutamid; the S-enantiomer is essentially inactive.



    Bicalutamid is used primarily in the treatment of early and advanced prostate cancer. It is approved at a dosage of 50 mg/day as a combination therapy with a gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) analogue or orchiectomy (that is, surgical or medical castration) in the treatment of stage D2 metastatic prostate cancer (mPC), and as a monotherapy at a dosage of 150 mg/day for the treatment of stage C or D1 locally advanced prostate cancer (LAPC). Although effective in mPC and LAPC, bicalutamid is no longer indicated for the treatment of localized prostate cancer (LPC) due to negative findings in the Early Prostate Cancer (EPC) trial.


    How to use bicalutamid

    Read the Patient Information Leaflet if available from your pharmacist before you start taking bicalutamid and each time you get a refill. If you have any questions, ask your doctor or pharmacist.


    Bicalutamid is used to treat prostate cancer that has spread to other areas of the body. It is used in combination with hormone treatment. This medication works by blocking the action of male hormones in the prostate, slowing growth of the tumors.


    ITems Specifications Test results
    Appearance White or off-white crystalline powder Conform
    Identification IR
    Water ≤0.2% 0.02%
    Residue on ignition ≤0.10% 0.08%
    Particle size 90%<10um, 50%<5um Conform
    Heavy metals ≤10ppm Conform
    Related substances Des-fluoro analog1≤0.2% Negative
    2-Fluoro isomer2≤0.2% 0.17%
    Des hydroxyl analog3≤0.2% Negative
    Individual unspecified impurity≤0.1% 0.09%
    Total unspecified impurities≤0.3% 0.27%
    Total impurities≤0.5% 0.44%
    Assay 98.0%~102.0%(on dried basis) 99.8%
    Residual solvents Meet the requirements of ICH Q3C Conform

    6. Side effects

    The side effect profile of bicalutamid is highly sex-dependent. In women, the side effects of pure antiandrogens/NSAAs are minimal, and bicalutamid has been found to be very well-tolerated.


    In men however, due to androgen deprivation, a variety of side effects of varying severity may occur during bicalutamid treatment, with breast pain/tenderness and gynecomastia being the most commonand others including physical feminization and demasculinization in general (e.g., reduced body hair growth/density, decreased muscle mass and strength, changes


    in fat mass and distribution, and reduced penile length), hot flashes, sexual dysfunction (including loss of libido and erectile dysfunction), depression, fatigue, weakness, anemia, and decreased


    semen/ejaculate volume.General side effects of bicalutamid that may occur in either sex may include diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, nausea, dry skin, itching, and rash.The drug is well-tolerated at higher dosages (than the 50 mg/day dosage), with rare additional side effects


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    CAS 90357-06-5 Prostate Cancer Treatment Steroids USP 36 Bicalutamide - Casodex 

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